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We develop and manufacture industrial IoT products that monitor various electro-mechanical parameters of machines and forecast their operational performance for OEMs as well as end users. We actively pursue research and development to improve our products with primary goal to provide complete closed-loop solutions that are driven by efficient data capturing techniques and machine intelligence algorithms. At yzThings we constantly innovate to help our customers improve their overall business productivity and identify new revenue streams. We also provide consulting services to accelerate product realization in various end applications including Automotive Electronics, Industrial Automation, and BioMedical Electronics.

  • VISION Develop globally competitive products and solutions to make our world a more interconnected, productive and sustainable place!
  • MISSION Make it easy for the industrial sector to adopt technology thereby improving energy performance, productivity, sustainability and identifying new revenue streams.
  • Products

    V-ONE Industrial IoT Platform

    A customizable industrial IoT platform built specifically for MSMEs willing to embrace challenges imposed by the impending industrial revolution. This platform facilitates extraction of value from captured data aligned with the facility's operational and functional data. The platform includes visualization, analytics and reporting features to suit your needs and budget. A must have tool to make your enterprise a future ready enterprise which is more interconnected, productive and sustainable.
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    Data Capturing Nodes
    • yzNode1 - A data capturing device specifically for industrial applications. Can capture 3 phase energy and various environmental parameters.
    • yzNode1-mini - An industrial data capturing device with in built rechargeable battery for environmental parameters
    Data Aggregation Modules
    • PICSTM1 - A semi custom data aggregation module with LoRA and MODBUS RTU support. Targeted for small enterprises.
    • yzPort series AC-DC modules - Universal AC input to 5V DC output modules with USB port. Applications range from powering the data aggregation modules or data nodes or general mobile battery charging applications.
    • AC-DC modules for IoT devices - These are modules specifically design for the "Things" in IoT.. Typical applications are IoT devices with rechargeable batteries, Electronic products requiring on board DC power from mains supply, RnD projects, Proof of Concept demonstration, bread boarding of hardware circuits, etc.
    • CSM Modules - For high power current sensing in industrial applications. Supports upto 200A.
    • VSM Modules - These are tri-axial relative vibration sensors with integrated temperature monitoring. An example of disruptive applications of technology, suitable for equipment health monitoring.


    The advent of the new industrial revolution, which is primarily driven by accessible advanced technologies, is opening up large scale opportunities in automation for improving productivity, eco-friendliness and business continuity. Our industrial IoT platform, the V-ONE is poised to bring conventional MSMEs into the globally competitive stream of enterprises.


    Our V-ONE helps
    • Reduce recurring operation costs.
    • Improve productivity
    • Reduce wear and tear of electro-mechanical equipment
    • Secure access over internet and smart phone
    • Receive live and historical alerts
    • On-demand audit reports
    • Predictive and Presciptive insights
    • Focused Reporting (qualitative & quantitative)

    As an example, one sector that can leverage significant benefit from the V-ONE is the perishable goods sector. Key challenges in such a sector are low yield, inadequate controlled atmosphere storage units and reliable delivery of goods to their intended destinations. These are high level domain specific issues that need to be addressed by and at different levels which is where our products can help. For further details please contact us.

    *Percentages vary based on actual operational conditions and produce. More accurate numbers are derived based on extensive interactions with customer and precise definition of their pain areas.

    Research & Development

    Our RnD theme is "DC Powered Smart Living!". We believe that sensors based closed loop systems are going to be an integral part of most solutions developed as a part of the next "industrial revolution". And also DC power sources such as PV panels will hold a significant share in delivering clean energy to the retail and industrial sectors. Our endeavor is to develop efficient interconnected solutions along with promoting usage of DC power in an appropriate manner. Our RnD is structured around advanced data capturing devices, efficient power conversion techniques, wireless interconnected networks and real time or historical data processing to create value for our customers.


    Following are some of our products and solutions currently in PoC or Beta state. Kindly visit the Products page for more details on our market ready products.

    Digital Power Solutions
    • High Efficiency AC-DC and DC-DC power modules
    • Medium Power (upto 20A) - Solid State Switches for domestic and industrial applications
    Sensors and Control (Closed Loop Systems)
    • Data SCPIC-C Platform for I-IoT/M2M* applications (also serves as a gateway device or control module)
    • Micro Data Capture modules (uDCN)
    • Precision sensing and control modules for industrial application
    • Air Quality (CO2 and VOC) Monitoring devices
    • Vibration Analyzing module
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    Phone: +91-7675962726
    Email: info@yzthings.com

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    yzThings Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
    No.18/106, Priyamangala presidency,
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    Contact: +91-7708000234
    Email: info@yzthings.com

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    yzThings Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,
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